The Big Burn EP (2022)


Ryan Heinsius: Guitar, vocals

Andrew Lauher: Drums

With Jeff Lusby-Breault: Bass

Produced by Pilcrowe with Jeff Lusby-Breault

Recorded and mixed by Jeff Lusby-Breault,

Cover art: “Smelted” by Cole Habay,

Layout by Thom Lord

Music and lyrics by Ryan Heinsius (ASCAP) Western Crosswind Music © 2022

Arrangements by Andrew Lauher, Ryan Heinsius, Jeff Lusby-Breault, and Thom Lord

Special thanks to Jeff Lusby-Breault, Thom Lord, Cole Habay, Astrid Olympia, Krystan Umstattd, John and Martha Heinsius, Scott and Shawna Heinsius, Bob’s Mom