Andrew Lauher: drums, vocals
Ryan Heinsius: guitar, vocals

Thom Lord: bass

Pilcrow (¶) is made up of Flagstaff music veterans, drummer Andrew Lauher, guitarist Ryan Heinsius and bassist Thom Lord. Andrew is a student of jazz and a master of pushing music in unexpected directions with his ever-changing rhythmic experimentation. Ryan combines a love for blues and country-twang guitar styles with songwriting that incorporates the social commentary, storytelling and historical perspective of folk music. T-Lo's understated-yet-powerful bass playing serves as the anchor for it all creating a deep groove.

Together as Pilcrow they’re continuing a musical conversation that’s been going for more than a decade. Ryan, Andrew and Thom have been central to roots-Americana bands like the Voluntary String Band and Crow Wing, as well as many other individual projects based in northern Arizona and throughout the country.

"Storytelling through song: Coconino Center for the Arts showcases local songwriters"

By Gabriel Granillo, Flagstaff Live, Jan. 24, 2019

“Storytelling communicates deeper truths. It’s about how we deal with adversity or heartbreak or joy. There’s a deeper truth communicated in the best stories."